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The Vacation Destination for Dogs!

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Board & Train Package Details: ***
$75 Off in January and February!
= A well trained dog for $525
Basic Board and Train Package Just $600
Call (360) 652-2924 for Details
The Basic Package Consists of the Following:
8Days (7 nights) Adventure Dog Ranch Boarding
8 Sessions "In Pack" Training (1 hour each.)
4 Hours Individual Training**
Plus 1) 30 minute session to be given at a later date or at time of pickup, to cover what your pet learned with us.
We will happily customize a package to fit your needs and those of your dog.
Note: We can not possibly estimate how much training your dog will need over the phone. Please Call for an appointment for a FREE Individual Training Consultation. We cannot estimate how long a certain behavior may take to learn, until after we've met your dog.
What is "In Pack" Training?
Training dedicated to certain issues can be accomplished while "in the pack environment," ie around other dogs. The Discounted Package rate for this training is $30.00 an hour.(This style of training is NOT available without Boarding and can help immensely with certain problem behaviors!)

Individual Training:
Training that requires less distraction, (away from the pack) has a discounted rate of: $37.00 per 1 hour session. (Normally $55.00 per hour)
NOTE: Our Board-n-Train Training Sessions are available in 1 hour blocks. These blocks are broken into several shorter sessions throughout the day. The length of these smaller sessions is specifically tailored to correspond to your pet's attention span. You can also purchase extra training at our discounted rate!
Adventure Dog Ranch Boarding:
Short term, Cage-Free Boarding is normally $33.50 dollars per night and includes all day, free-range exercise and group activity with other socialized dogs. Additional Boarding (more than 7 nights) is available at the discounted rate of $27.50 each night! Call for pricing of board-n-train for two or more dogs, (an even better deal!)

Total Basic Board and Train Package = $600.00

That's a savings of well over $149.

WOW! 7 nights boarding, (8 days,) with 1 hour training daily, during pack play-time, (don't worry, they won't miss out on any fun,) and 1 individual session every other day. All for the bargain low price of $600.00 (Board and Train packages not available during November/December, Train Now and SAVE!!! Limited space available. Not valid with any other offer: )


What Kind of Things will you Work on During Individual Training?
Well, that depends on your dog. Typical training may consist of training your pet to come when called, (recall,) and/or other issues that require little distraction.

What Kind of Things Do you Do During "In Pack" Training?
Once again that depends on what kind of issues you're having, what YOU want your dog to do (or not do,) and what kind of skills your dog already has. Some examples might be Leash Training: Teaching your pet to walk on a loose leash. Sit, Lay, Leave it: (The act of ignoring or leaving an object alone when you tell him to.) Jumping up on people.
But my dog doesn't need that much work...
is there something for me?
Of Course there is! Our Standard, Non-Package Rate is $55 per hour. (Our hourly training rate does NOT include boarding.)
This is for an Individual One-on-One,1 Hour Training Session, or if you'd rather, A session with Steve, your dog and your entire Family. Note: Due to county compliance issues, we can no longer offer One -on-One training at our site. We can meet you at the dog park or at your own home if within the local Marysville area.  Travel fees apply if outside a 10 mile radius. We also offer discounts for booking multiple sessions. Call or email us for Details.

Training Types

Board & Train Package

Regular Price

In Pack Training

8) 1 Hr. Sessions


Not Available without Boarding.

One-on-One Individual


4) 1 Hr. Sessions


$55 Per Session


7) $27.00 Per Night


Total Package Savings:


Includes 1 Free 1 Hour Follow-up

a $44 value

**Board & Train package availabitlity is limited and Services are not available during major US Holiday Periods and the months of November and December.
Please call for Availability.**

Phone: 360-652-2924

Fax: 360-652-2928