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Dog of the month for October 2008: 'Boomer'
Boomer is an incredibly smart, sweet and Friendly 3 year old Aussie Mix. (If I had to venture a guess, I'd say he is an Aussie Cattle Dog/ Border Collie Mix.) Boomer is a lucky boy, he gets to go all kinds of places with his human companion, Barb. He's incredibly well behaved and extremely loveable. He loves to play the chase game with our many canine friends & he loves to spend time here at the ranch. Boomer visits Adventure Dog Ranch about once a week and has the special designation of being our very 1st daycare regular. ---->
Boomer is a very photo worthy dog.
Boomer was rescued from a Shelter when he was approx nine months old. Boomer is one of the lucky ones. There are an awful lot of excellent dogs available for adoption at our local shelters; Dogs that got a raw deal the first time around. Please consider adopting when adding a canine to your family.
October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and there's a lot of good dogs out there that have the potentional of becoming every bit as wonderful as Boomer. See our Links page for more resources.
Boomer visits the ranch about once a week!


Check out the video of Yorgo and Arti playing (both former Dogs' of the Month,) during Yorgo's 1st ever trip to the Ranch, which is up on YouTube and I've also embeded it below for your viewing pleasure. We're very happy to have Both Arti & Yorgo come and play with us at daycare and we're proud to call then each Adventure Dogs of the Month for July & June 2009.

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The Ranch:
Our Beautiful 5 Acre facility in Marysville, WA offers cage-free dog boarding, with a safe, secure place for socialized dogs to play and frolic under the watchful eyes of the ADR Staff members. There are also plenty of places that an old dog can catch a well deserved nap.

Can My Dog Be an Adventure Dog?
Of Course it Can!
As with all good things, there are some simple rules.
All dogs must first pass the Adventure Dog Ranch evaluation. This Evaluation is done on-site at our facility, by appointment only. Both you and your pet will get to see the facility before-hand, this also helps insecure dogs become familiar with their surroundings, before you leave them with us.
There are some forms to fill out, (Aren't there always?) These are available here.
Last but not least, we'll need records from your veterinarian affirming that your pet(s) have had all of their shots. Additional Info available Here
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