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The Dog of the Month Page is Back!
Dogs of the month for May 2010: Skipper, Clutch & Trooper
Skipper, Clutch and Trooper have been coming to the ranch for a couple of years now and each has a unique role in our daycare pack.

Clutch is the "Beta" Dog, an enforcer of ranch rules and he's good at keeping all of the new dogs in line while they test the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Trooper's job is more amiable, he tends to be a "Greeter" saying, "Hello and Welcome,"
however Trooper has a mischievous side and will use any available opportunity to "stir the kettle" (Trooper just loves to be loud and obnoxious when the UPS Driver comes by.)

Skipper is probably the most improved dog in our pack. Dealt a short hand in the genetics department, (only 3 toes on his rear feet and something funky with his spine and tail,) he has overcome so much to be the dog that he is today. Skipper had been incredibly fearful, anxious and reactive, but now he's just one of the guys and over all, one of the sweetest shepherds that I've had the pleasure of knowing.

From Left to Right:Clutch the Chocolate Lab, Skipper the Black German Shepherd and Trooper the Beagle Mix.

Clutch showing off his grey muzzle hairs.

The Handsome Skipper dog!

Trooper trying to look tough!

These 3 Amigo's are now members of our family and I'm proud to bestow upon them a 3 way tie for Adventure Dog of the Month!

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The Ranch:
Our Beautiful 5 Acre facility in Marysville, WA offers cage-free dog boarding, with a safe, secure place for socialized dogs to play and frolic under the watchful eyes of the ADR Staff members. There are also plenty of places that an old dog can catch a well deserved nap.

Can My Dog Be an Adventure Dog?
Of Course it Can!
As with all good things, there are some simple rules.
All dogs must first pass the Adventure Dog Ranch evaluation. This Evaluation is done on-site at our facility, by appointment only. Both you and your pet will get to see the facility before-hand, this also helps insecure dogs become familiar with their surroundings, before you leave them with us.
There are some forms to fill out, (Aren't there always?) These are available here.
Last but not least, we'll need records from your veterinarian affirming that your pet(s) have had all of their shots. Additional Info available Here

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