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Customers Say "Thanks!"

To Adventure Dog Ranch;

Stephen and I want to thank Adventure Dog Ranch, (Steve and Kerri,) for all the wonderful
things they do. Our golden doodle, (Artie,) has such a good time four days a week there. Stephen says it is the only bill that makes him smile when he pays. Without Adventure Dog Ranch and the care that Steve and Kerri give it, Artie would not be the happy dog he is now.

With Stephen and I both working all day, having Artie at Adventure Dog Ranch allows him to socialize with other dogs and to exercise his mind and body. It allows us to spend quality time with him, enjoy walks and cuddle without feeling  over tired or guilty for not having enough time for him.

Artie is still only 8 months old and still growing. Because of Adventure Dog Ranch, he has been easier to train and I feel is a much more balanced dog.


He is training to be a therapy dog and due to the outstanding care

he receives at Adventure Dog Ranch with Steve and Kerri, I believe he will be a more effective therapy dog.

I also want to thank Steve and Kerri for their understanding that Artie is not just our dog,but a member of our household and when we were on vacation they helped alleviate my fears of leaving him by providing updates that made us smile, relax and enjoy our vacation.

Artie gives a big 5 paws to Adventure Dog Ranch and so do we.

--- Lisa & Stephen W.


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Adventure Dog Training:




Another Happy Customer!



"Rocky is my male GSD," (German Shepherd Dog,) "and since I had only had females, I was not used to all that testosterone! Steve and Kerri helped me to put it to good use, and showed me how to deal with a high strung, but lovable puppy!"


"Rocky quickly learned how to sit and to walk nicely on a leash. Steve was very laid back and easy to work with. The time spent with the other dog friends was invaluable, and I plan on taking full advantage of this in the future!"


"I would definitely recommend training with Steve for any age and any breed of dog."


-- Pam K. July 24th, 2008



Steve Helps a Dog with Problems 


Steve has done an absolutely tremendous job with our dog, Zoey.

Before working with Steve, Zoey had serious aggression issues. Walking her was a very stressful and sometimes scary situation. She would lunge at people and other dogs many times pulling me completely off of my feet!


We tried other trainers, their techniques had no affect, most of them refused to even work with her. Steve really knows how to handle dogs, on our first meeting he jumped right in and by the end of the first day there was already a noticeable change in Zoey. 


We've been working with him, (Steve Pinkston,) for several months and Zoey is a different dog. She is more relaxed, less stressed, and really happy. Walking her now is a completely different experience and much more enjoyable. She has even made friends with some of Steve's dogs.


Zoey and our other dog love Steve. They really enjoy their time at Adventure Dog Ranch and we wouldn't feel comfortable leaving them in anyone elses care. We are so grateful to have found Steve!


-Dawne N.




Adventure Dog Ranch
Is considering a Day Care route with Pick-up and Delivery Service, serving Marysville, North Everett, Smokey Point, and the Seven Lakes area.
Call for more Information at
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More Customer testimonials:
Thank you so much for taking care of Moose for us. He was a much happier dog when we brought him home than he has been when boarding other places & was not stressed out.
We will definitely recommend Adventure Dog Ranch to our friends and bring Moose back when we need to board him again,