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The Vacation Destination for Dogs!

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What is an Adventure Dog
Why Daycare?
What is an Adventure Dog?
A Nice, Socialized, and Well-Behaved Animal.

An Adventure Dog has:
All their recomended shots and receives adequate Veterniary care with Vaccinations/Boosters + a Bordatella Booster annually.
Has Fecal Tests done on a regular basis, to make certain they are parasite free. (Fecal test must have been performed within 90 days of their first "Adventure.")
An Adventure Dog is:
Loved and Appreciated by their owner(s.)
It's not enough to know that Regular Exercise and Socialization makes your dog happier, better behaved and more relaxed;
It's only enough if you actually do something to achieve it!
Obsessive behavior generally diminishes with pack leader induced exercise.That is what your canine companion will recieve at ADR.
Bring your Best Friend to Adventure Dog Ranch, we'll exercise your pet and socialize your animals; You'll reap the benefits!
Please Call for an Appointment (360) 652-2924
To qualify your pet must pass a simple Socialization test with some of our current boarding dogs.

These Socialization Tests are administered by appointment only,
Usually on Saturday Afternoon.
Please Complete the Service Contract & Owner & Information Forms and if you have more than one dog, the Extra Dog Information Forms (one for each extra dog,) available here
You canemail the completed forms to, Fax them to 360-652-2928 or if necessary, bring them with you to your dogs evaluation.We will also need copies of your pets most recent Vaccination records.