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The Vacation Destination for Dogs!

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What is an Adventure Dog
Why Daycare?


What Does it Take to Become an Adventure Dog?


All Guests Must Meet the Following Conditions:


Vaccinations Must be Current: as prescribed by your Veterinarian. DHPP, Rabies, & Bordetella (Recent Titer's will be considered.)


Fecal Exams are required

Initial Fecal Exams, must be performed within 3 months of your dog's initial boarding or daycare visit. We also require these fecal exams to be repeated as part of your dogs annual, "Good Health" physical exam. If your veterinarian doesn't already perform these tests annually, they should.

What are we looking for? Bacterial infections and parasitic infections. Anything that could be accidentally spread to the other dogs.


Neutered Pets Only:

All dogs 9 months of age and older,must be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare or free-range boarding.

Necessary Proof of Good Health:

The record of current vaccinations should include: DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza & Parvo,) Rabies, Bordetella & Negative Fecal Examination. We will also accept Recent Titers. Call for more information.

Additional Requirements:
All canine guests must pass a simple evaluation of social skills with our "Pack Leader," Steve.
These "Evaluations" are  by appointment only! (Usually on Saturday Afternoon between 12PM & 4PM)
Note: Please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment and please call if you're plans should change. Our time is limited and other clients may be waiting for an evaluation spot. Please see our evaluations page for more info.
Our Completed Paperwork:
There are two forms you will need to complete for us:

#1 is the "Owner and Dog info" form. If you're on a PC or Ipad, please complete this via the online form service, here  This link will accept multiple dogs and immediately email the information to us, making it simple to import into our computer system. This is the preferred method of obtaining information about your pet.

Please let me know if you have issues with this service.   

#2 Please read and sign  "Our service contract" and return it either by email, Fax or in person.  Our fax number is (360) 652-2928  Our email address is

#3** if you have more than 1 dog and are NOT using the online form above, please complete 1 copy of the "Extra Dog Form" for each additional dog.

For your convenience here's is the PDF link to the "Owner and Dog info," form. This is the same info as the Jot form link above.. If we will be working with more than one dog and you are completing the PDF or Word version rather than the online multi dog form, then please complete a copy of the "EXtra Dog Form" for each additional animal that we will be caring for. If you need these forms in Microsoft Word Format, visit the Forms and Agreements Page.

All of our forms are available for download at:

We Cannot Accept Pit Bulls or Akita's for Free Range Boarding.

Call or email for more Details! 360-652-2924
Recommendations: Flea Control
We also Recommend that your pet is on a flea-control program such as Advantage or Program. This helps us to keep our facility as flea free as possible.
Your Veterinarian can provide you with more information.

Adventure Dog Ranch treats the grounds with an organic flea control system, consisting of Organic Nematodes an organic IGR (insect growth regulator) to keep new fleas from hatching.

Want to know more?

email us @