About Adventure Dog Ranch:

Marysville's Premier, Cage-Free Dog Boarding, Daycare and Training Facility

About The Ranch:

Adventure Dog Ranch was founded in 2007 by Steve and Kerri Pinkston as a cage-free Alternative to traditional Kennels.

It’s a free-range boarding, daycare and training facility for dogs located minutes from I-5 in Marysville, WA. (North of Everett, WA)

Your canine companion gets to play all day in a supervised pack environment. Our original play yard was 10,400 Sq. Ft. We have just completed an additional play yard which has added 10,800 sq. feet. With the gate to the adjoining yard open this gives us a total of 21,200 sq ft. This allows plenty of romping space for even the most active canines.

Steve, (our human pack leader,) has worked with Animals his entire life. His father was an Amateur Dog Trainer, Competing against amateurs’ and pro’s alike in Field Trials all across the U.S!

Steve has worked as boarding manager for a major NW Animal Hospital and as a Dog Wrangler and Trainer at several high-end boarding facilities in the Seattle Area.

Steve is an accomplished Dog Trainer, using positive, fun and effective training Techniques. Further more, dogs love to work with him and often look at him like he’s the neatest thing since crunchy peanut butter.

Kerri’s story is far too colorful to go into in depth here, but suffice it to say that she’s always willing to discuss guitars and songwriting in depth.

She is also Comptia A+ certified and an Microsoft Certified Professional 3 or 4 times over, barely missing her MCSE by a smidge, only because she couldn’t get a test date in time. This makes her our webmaster and all other things techie.

The Resident Adventure dogs, as well as our canine guests are our family and we treat them with love and respect.

Bring your Pets to Adventure Dog Ranch, they’re guaranteed to have a howlin’ good time!

Call for Reservations 360-652-2924.


More About the Ranch

We first opened our Marysville, WA facility in the fall of 2007.

Adventure Dog Ranch is one of the pioneers of Free-Range and Cage-Free style dog boarding. Prior to our opening in 2007 there were only 2 or 3 facilities in the greater Seattle area that offered free-range dog boarding, and none of these facilities were located in Marysville. Things have sure changed for the better for our furry friends. We wanted to offer options more suited to the high energy dog.


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The whole idea behind Adventure Dog Ranch was to offer a safe, secure place for well socialized dogs to play, exercise and be with their own kind. Under the watchful eyes of our Staff members, dogs get to be dogs. We do our best to encourage proper pack behavior and keep things happy and respectful. After an hour of romping, some dogs get tuckered out. There are plenty of places that an old dog can catch a well deserved nap.

Can My Dog Be an Adventure Dog?  Of Course it Can!

As with all good things, there are some rules:

All dogs must first pass the Adventure Dog Ranch evaluation. This Evaluation is done on-site at our facility, by appointment only, typically on Saturday afternoons.

During this meet and greet, you and your pet will get to tour the facility before your pets 1st boarding or daycare visit. This really helps insecure dogs become familiar with their surroundings, before you leave them with us.

There are also some forms to fill out, available Here.

Dogs must have proof of a recent fecal exam. (Within 90 days of their first daycare or boarding visit,) and be certified free of parasites and bacterial infections. This is to prevent any contagiens from being spread to other members of the pack.

Last but not least, we’ll need records from your veterinarian affirming that your pet(s) are current with the following shots: Rabies, DHPP & Bordetella. (Recent Titers are also accepted.)

Additional Info available Here.

Can my dog be an Adventure Dog?

Top Dog Boarding Facility in SeattleBest Dog Boarders
in  Seattle


Expertise.com once again chose us as one of their Top boarding facilities in Seattle. 

We've lost track of how many years in a row this is, but pretty sure this goes back to 2017 or before.  Thanks Seattle for recognizing our joy in being your dog boarding specialists.

August 2022:

Proud to announce a Repeat win in the Dog Boarding Category for Lux Life Magazine.  I've misplaced the Gif for this, but it's there.  

July 2020:

Lux Life Magazine's Best Free Range Dog Boarding facility in the Pacific NW!

Adventure Dog Ranch Repeats In Lux Life Magazine's Best Of, in Pet Services.  In 2019, we were only considered the best in Snohomish County.  Here's a link to the write up they did about us in 2019, they didn't do a big write up this year.   https://www.lux-review.com/…/pet-products-and-services…/25/…

January 2020, 2019, 2018 etc:

Expertise.com has once again chosen us, Adventure Dog Ranch, as one of the top 18 dog boarding facilities in the greater Seattle area.

Considering they started with a pool of 161 boarding facilities, some of them far fancier than us, that's some stiff competition!

Of course we subscribe to the belief that great canine care does not require radiant heated and highly-polished, hard-wood flooring, but rather, lots of exercise, play, fun, leadership, consistant rules, human-canine interaction, attention to body language cues and a lot of love and mutual trust. That last one, trust, has to be mutually earned. That's why we continue to be one of the best facilities at what we do. We may not be so great at remembering human faces, but these dogs will stay in my heart forever. Thanks to the good folks at Expertise.com for recognizing us for the 2nd year in a row.

Here's the link if you'd like to read up. https://www.expertise.com/wa/seattle/dog-boarding

Another Award we're proud of is the Fido Friendly Best of 2011 Award.

You'll Have to Pick Up a Copy of Fido Friendly Magazine's big 50th Issue to read the whole review, but you can see a couple pictures here: 


We don't like to brag, so we'll let them tell you why we're one of the Best Doggy Daycare / Boarding Facilities in the WORLD!

2011 Awards: We've Done it Again!

Below you'll find some images of awards we've won over the years, but we got bored and quit keeping track after winning so many years in a row.


Can my dog be an Adventure Dog?

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